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    ‘Mechanical Drawing Interpretation Capacity Improvement Service’ is a product designed to improve the basic learning level of designers and manufacturers in the machinery industry. Through the use of augmented reality technology, it provides live 3D diagrams as well as theory learning and training sessions for step-by-step learning.
    This is a new form of educational service in the machinery industry and each and every user of this service will be highly satisfied with its effectiveness.

    1. The First Training Education Service for the Machinery Industry in Korea
    The first training education service for the machinery industry in Korea using the most up-todate technology.
    Has Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced level courses based on the curriculum.
    Provides network service on various N-Screen based digital information devices such as mobile (smart phone, tablet), PC, etc.

    2. Augmented Reality-Based 3D Diagram Recognition Training Service
    Viewing projection drawing-based 3D diagram.
    Viewing 3D diagram (6 types of projection drawings, size adjustment, rotation)
    Expressing 3D diagram (solid, animation, hidden line)
    Finding a correct isometric drawing corresponding to the projection drawing

    3. Training-Based Mechanical Drawing Learning Contents
    Offers 10 types of training method with 14 training sessions.
    Creates students’ interest in mechanical drawing to improve their understanding of and engagement with mechanical drawing.
    Offers various forms of mechanical drawing training.
    Training that you can get anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.

    4. Theory-Based Mechanical Drawing Flash Contents
    Offers basic theory learning of mechanical drawing.
    Interactive e-Learning contents.
    Learning contents based on the curriculum.

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