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    "Start Google Now with your voice on the Galaxy Note3" - No root necessary
    (does not work with security locks, including finger ID on the S5, see FAQ section for a possible solution)
    cnet video:
    cnet article:
    Daily Note II/3:
    If you can't get my app to work: before leaving negative reviews...
    please read FAQ at
    write to me:
    I respond quickly. We have solved many problems (usually with the Samsung software and not my app)

    If you can't get your phone to wake to your voice w/o my app, neither Free nor Pro will fix it :(

    S5 owners: enable car mode for voice wake up to work. Now switches from Drive Link too!

    Try Free before buying Pro!
    Your Galaxy Note 3 does always listening voice wake-up similar to the advertised "Okay, Google Now" Motorola Touchless Control on the Moto-X!

    #1 You must say "Hi Galaxy" (while the screen is off)
    #2 Crippled SVoice will try to service you :-(

    No way to fix #1 on the Note3 (you can set your own wake-up command on the S5), but #2 can be solved with my little app: whenever S Voice would start, you are redirected to Google Voice Search

    Pro benefits:

    You get to support an independent app developer who is devoted to creating apps which put YOU in control

    The app stays enabled at the end of the week The free version reminds you to re-enable once every week

    All premium features of Bubble Cloud Widgets get unlocked

    ReOn Extra Time included for free! See

    Option to hide notification icon

    Offline announce mode: Instead of Google Voice Search, you can have the phone announce pre-selected information, when you wake it up by saying "Hi Galaxy". It's convenient when abroad, since without data connection neither S Voice nor Google Search could do anything. Select Offline announce mode in Settings, or have it auto enable while offline. Say "Hi Galaxy" (or "Time Galaxy") to hear info with the phone in the pocket.

    It can announce: time, battery, or any notification using my other app Touchless Notifications.
    Note: For S for Switch Voice Pro users the Trial reminders are disabled in Touchless Notifications Free, when it is started by S for Switch Voice offline mode. The free reminders are there when other functions are used

    How to set up (see video)
    0Before install: start Samsung S Voice
    1MENU / Settings
    2enable "Voice wake-up" (S5: train wake-up command)
    3[optionally enable "Open via the home key"] (S5: long press HOME for Google)
    4test if your phone can wake to your voice
    5install this app S for Switch Voice
    6open it
    7Lollipop (Android 5.0): Enable Accessibility Service!!!
    8activate: ON (top)
    9click checkmark

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    5.0/4.4 (Lollipop/KitKat) update broke voice wake up
    How to hide the persistent notification (icon)?
    I couldn't do the Okay Google multiple command in Google Now
    "Hi Galaxy" when the screen is on?
    Cannot get out of Google Voice Search with the back key
    Is this an alternative to Home2Shortcut?
    What is the eye icon for?
    What is Offline Announcement mode? Touchless Notifications?
    Always-on voice-wakeup impact on the battery?

    Answers at the developer's page:

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