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    Please use synchronization features for keeping your data safely.

    [S Note]

    S Note is a note taking application which allows you to efficiently create, edit and manage notes.
    It provides a number of user-friendly features that differentiates it from other note taking applications.
    This includes easy file management with the ability to create categories and copy, move or delete files from within the application.
    It also supports interactive multimedia functions and allows you to draw and write using S Pen.

    Features :
    - Freehand writing and drawing using S Pen or Finger, with various pre-defined pens and styles
    - Insert charts, sketches, pictures, voice notes and set custom background in notes
    - Supports up to 500 pages in a single note
    - Supports searching of text(handwritten and keypad input) with different filters
    - Categorization of notes
    - Ability to print, export and share note as spd/image/pdf/text file
    - Import and edit pdf files as notes
    - Sync notes between multiple devices using Samsung/Evernote account

    Note :
    - S Note can also be used on devices which do not support S Pen.
    In that case some features, which depend on S Pen, will not be available.

    The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.
    [Required permissions]
    - Storage: To access the S Note files stored on your phone.
    [Optional permissions]
    - Camera: To insert pictures in your notes.
    - Microphone: To include voice recordings in your notes.
    - Location: To add maps and location information to your notes.
    - Calendar: To add Calendar links to Action memo functions.

    [Extension pack]

    Once Extension pack has been installed, S Note will be loaded with the all the features in it.

    Added features :
    - Quick access buttons for Photo note, Action memo, Voice recordings and Text on notes screen
    - Modified toolbar while editing a note
    - Quick shape recognition mode
    - Text, Shape and Formula transformation
    - Lock, Export, Magnified note etc.

    [S Note Widget]

    S Note widget is a separate application, other than default S Note widgets, for quick access to a single note from home screen.

    Features :
    - Open a note directly from home screen
    - Add a new page to the note and open it for editing

    S Note widget is a separate application but is accessible in the same way as other widgets.
    Please check for it in the Widgets list.

    [Easy chart] - Galaxy Note series only

    Create charts and visualize data instantly!
    Easy chart allows you to create different types of charts and insert them into S Note.
    Charts can be easily created and modified by freehand drawing using S Pen or finger touch.

    Features :
    - Create, edit and insert charts into S Note
    - Supports different charts - Line, Bar, Pie and Table
    - Customize your chart using datasets, colors for datasets and items and units
    - Preview charts before saving
    - Export chart to Excel(.xls), PDF(.pdf) and Image(.jpg) file formats
    - Copy and Paste numeric data to create charts
    - Change handwriting recognition language for dataset and item names

    Easy chart can only be used from S Note.
    Check for "Insert" menu option, on create/edit screen, to insert any chart in S Note.

    [Idea sketch] - Galaxy Note series only

    Idea sketch allows you to search and download clips and draw your own sketches.
    These sketches are inserted in S Note.
    To search for images of actions, emotions or things, write a related keyword using freehand drawing.
    Additional clips can also be downloaded for each category.

    Features :
    - Insert sketches in S Note
    - Search sketches using handwriting recognition
    - Create and edit sketches using different pen settings
    - Download new clips

    Idea sketch can only be used from S Note.
    Check for "Insert" menu option, on create/edit screen, to insert any sketch in S Note.

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    Users comments for S Note

    Belinda Yoesel

    by Belinda Yoesel

    Dec 13, 2017  |  "OK"

    What happened to the background pages I loved that part of this app . . Why go and leave off features when you update a new phone . . I had a note 4 it died got Note 8 and hate that it's missing . . Please put it back why mess with something that's not broken

    Neil Patel

    by Neil Patel

    Dec 13, 2017  |  "Good"

    For some reason, I can't erase letters/words sometimes or skip to the next line. It's annoyingly frustrating. Please fix this. I used to love this app.

    حسین جان

    by حسین جان

    Dec 12, 2017  |  "OK"

    after last update, action memo not work good and not open often!

    Chris O'Brian

    by Chris O'Brian

    Dec 12, 2017  |  "Poor"

    This new version is horrible. The version that came with the note 4 lollipop was awesome. I may never buy another galaxy note again if this app continues to decline.

    Júnior Ribeiro

    by Júnior Ribeiro

    Dec 12, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    It's perfect.

    Christopher Johnson

    by Christopher Johnson

    Dec 12, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Please bring back Action Memo, specifically the "link to action" functionality! It was one of the best features of the Note series. I would love to know the reasoning behind its removal. For the time being, I'm running an older version of S-Note on my Note 8 to be able to use Action Memo. Apart from the missing features, it's still a decent note-taking app. If Action Memo is added back, I'll change my reading to 5 stars. Until then I suppose I'll have to stay on the older version.