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    SafeCell 360 - DWD Solution

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    SafeCell 360 has partnered with Make It Easy Auto "MIEA" to make the SafeCell 360 solution available to students and faculty members for participating schools throughout Missouri and Arkansas. Participating schools can download the SafeCell 360 Distract Driving solution for free for 60 days during the MIEA Pledge Program. After downloading the application simply enter you School Code to implement the SafeCell 360 feature set.

    SafeCell 360 is designed to work on "Smart" cellphones using the Android operating system version 3.0 and higher. SafeCell 360 has been designed to fully integrate into Google's extensive Location Based Services technology.

    SafeCell 360 provides parents the ability to limit the use of their teenage drivers access to their Android device while driving. SafeCell 360 is designed to run in the background and monitor for motion. Once SafeCell has determined that the device had met or exceeded the "Start Trip" speed, the application will automatically apply predefined limitations to the device.

    SafeCell 360 is designed to block Inbound and Outbound SMS/text, phone and emails. Once engaged the application will not allow the user access to these application to send an SMS/text message, initiate an Outbound call or send/read an email. SafeCell 360 will also block access to all applications installed on the device via the SafeCell 360 Kiosk functionality.

    SafeCell 360 is designed to monitor and capture all interactions of the user with the Android device. Each time the user attempts to initiate any interaction with the device each instance is captured and recorded to the users account. This information is then used to create metrics on the users adherence to family or personal rules regarding cellphone usage.

    SafeCell 360 has been designed with the following inherent feature set:

    o Inbound/Outbound SMS/Text will be disabled
    o Inbound/Outbound Phone will be disabled
    o Block the use of all installed applications while driving
    o Automated in transit message
    o SafeCell 360 Tracking Screen
    o Automated alerts for No SMS/Text, Cellphone use and School Zones
    o Trip Start Speed will be set to 5 miles per hour
    o Trip Stop time will be set to 2 minutes
    o Ability to utilize Google Maps
    o 911 Emergency break away
    o 30 minute 911 re-engagement delay
    o Passenger trip deferment