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    NOTE: This is an app made for security developers.

    The open source SafeSlinger Exchange library is a secure and easy to use method of exchanging public keys or other authentication data, with strong protection from Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks. Our goal is to make exchanging public keys as simple as possible without sacrificing security.

    This is not a messenger app, just a verification tool. Our SafeSlinger Messenger is a separate application, which uses the same SafeSlinger Exchange library to verify keys privately.

    Library Features:
    - Open source makes security audits easy.
    - The only secure simultaneous key exchange for up to 10 people.
    - Easy to implement and use.
    - Cross-platform.
    - Protection from Man-In-The-Middle attacks during key exchanges.
    - Exchange keys either in person or remote.

    1. Must be installed on a minimum of 2 devices.
    2. An Internet connection must be active.
    3. 'Server Host Name' can be your own server, OR use ours listed on our GitHub docs.
    4. 'My Secret' can be any personal information to share with others.

    Source Code:
    Project Website:
    Research Paper:

    Related Terms: Safe, Slinger, previously known as KeySlinger.

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