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    Sales Kraft
    ➢ Sales Kraft is, Sales Team Automation System, automatically records all the stages in a sales process.
    ➢ Sales Kraft includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that may be needed.
    ➢ This ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated. Sales Kraft tracks the sales person and also gives him his tour plan for the day.
    ➢ Setting targets and objectives based on inputs.

    • SALES KRAFT is software that, automatically records all stage in a sales process.
    • Sales Kraft Includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has been made.
    • Sales Kraft Track the Sales Person and also gives him his Tour Plan for the day.
    • Setting targets and objective based on inputs.
    • Many sales persons are always on the go.
    • The growth of smartphones has reignited the creation of mobile sales team automation systems
    • Smartphones appeal to salespeople, a part of a company's department that is extremely resistant to new technologies.
    • Smartphones are easy to carry and easy to use, great interface design, touchscreens and fast wireless network abilities internet phones
    • When implementing the mobile sales team automation application, software and support infrastructure and carrier services are packaged to deliver optimal system usability, manageability and integrative abilities, as well as high scalability, reliability and performance.
    • It’s always good to put in mind that just like any new technology, success comes with usability.
    • The manager/ distributor can Track Or Assign the Team Or The Person any task from his office
    • Thus This Makes life easy

    Sales Kraft software is a type of program that automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analysing sales forecasts and performance. Businesses may have a custom version developed specifically for their needs, or choose from among the increasing number of sales
    Sales Kraft also includes a
    1)Tour Plan to plan : Tour plan is a platform where the sales person can set his tour plan for any number of days and get notified to his manager for approval and plan remains saved in the application and can be repeated whenever required
    2) Activity and Check In : It tracks daily activity and with the help of navigation tool one can easily get analysed to distributor or stockist
    3) Check In: if the salesperson reached to the distributor, he can use this check in functionality. The use of this feature is to track the location of the salesperson.
    OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS: here, the routine status of client payment and outstanding is displayed.
    EMERGENCY: this can be used when salesperson have to rush to the some unexpected and unscheduled meeting. And he can discard the rest of his scheduled meetings.
    The Team can take purchase order right from this device with this functionality. The Sales team or the Sales Person both can see the order value and goods availability. If there is any Scheme Offer, Gift article or Special rate on any of the product it will be alerted right there.

    Accounts allow the experts incurred right on the spot.
    Following attractive features are integrated to make it worth using. SUCH AS :

    •Category wise expenses accounting
    •Capture phonograph of bills and upload during the time of entry.
    •Auto creation of category wise invoice folders
    •Email the expenses report
    •Export to Excel, PDF and email.

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