ScaffApp - Scaffold Estimator

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    ScaffApp is a useful tool for estimating different aspects of scaffolding.

    Kwikstage is the initial scaffold system used by ScaffApp. However, the results of Kwikstage will almost match any other modular scaffold using 48.3mm modular systems, including Cuplok, Ringlock and others. These other systems will be added in future releases.

    It includes the following:

    * LEG LOAD - Calculates the leg load of access scaffold. The results show inside and outside leg loads in KiloNewtons (kN).

    * GEAR LIST - Get a gear list for perimeter scaffold with just a few key variables. Very powerful. Stairs and ladders will be added in a future release.

    * WEIGHT ESTIMATOR - Using just a few key variables, get a good estimate of the total weight and a breakdown of weight for gear categories (ie standards, ledgers, etc.).

    * LENGTH CALCULATOR - Get the exact length of a run of bays. Useful for seeing what bay combinations will best fit different wall and building lengths.

    Please feel free to send an email to us via the address link below for any queries, suggestions and feedback.

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