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    "SCBS Stock Advisor for Android" --- a top-notch stock analysis app available on Android phone that is equipped with a 24-7 intelligent investment consultant and a real-time alert detactor, all delicately presented to you by SCBS

    The all-new SCBS smartphone application prides itself as users' mobile investment consultant, an information-packed service that you can bring with you at all times. Key features include the newly introduced alert system as well as the user-friendly search engine that allows you to locate stocks based on both fundamental and technical indicators. The application also provides the necessary information you need for in-depth decision-makings, encompassing target prices, financial statements and technical capabilities for drawing trend lines, adding indicators and finding supports/resistances.

    Key Functions
    1. Advisor: an intelligent investment consultant (Robotic Advisor) which you can count on for instant advise and recommendation around the clock.
    2. Buy/Sell: just one touch to connect to Settrade Streaming (exclusively for SCBS clients only)
    3. Portfolio: presents your investment portfolio (exclusively for SCBS clients only)
    4. Markets: track stock prices, Thai stock market indices (real-time); view stock prices on a 5 bids/5 offers display
    5. Chart: technical analysis that comes with smart drawing tools such as moving averages, RSI, MACD, trend lines and Fibonacci Retracements
    6. News: stock news from a diversified pool of sources, including Info Quest, the SET and popular online investment web boards
    7. Fundamental: basic information about firms, including important financial figures and ratios available on graphs and tables
    8. SCBS Research: trading/investment strategies for both equities and derivatives that are updated throughout the day by the SCBS Research Team; also comprises of tips for portfolio allocation, monthly/quarterly top picks, as well as in-depth analyses and price targets
    9. Scan: filter capability with over 100 indicators (both fundamental and technical) in which users can scan stocks base on conditions of their interests (ex. filter stocks that provide an average dividend yield of 5% over the last 4 years and have a buy-signal today)
    10. Alerts: notify stocks' movements based on pre-set conditions, such as changes in share prices (+/-5%) or alerts when share prices test pre-set levels of support/resistance.
    11. iDEA: display portfolio simulation daily, monthly, quarterly recommenced stocks by SCBS Research

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