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    Would you like to collect schedules,todo list,record of money in this app?

    We'll send you updates with this application management calendar, schedule, TODO, age, time period, money, (as household account book, pocket money book), management is enabled.

    I have devised the screen can be seen plan of the month calendar at a glance especially .

    The function of a student for such as setting the time limit has been aligned .

    Because it will continue to improve still , thank you by all means if you have any request !

    Switching of list format and calendar format is possible .
    In calendar format , scheduled for the month to be able to grasp at a glance , you can display on the screen all the time and appointments in particular .
    Because it can be changed by setting the what is displayed on the screen , please try to adjust it as you like .
    In Japanese mode , holidays are also displayed .
    You can check Lapsed days,Japanese calendar,Day,Earthly Branches,Zódiac,Rokuyou.

    ALL schedule
    Show the list are registered as a schedule , a schedule of all .
    Search as it may be , it is useful to check the schedule of their own .

    Setting title
    It is possible to keep the register titles , the titles will be available for selection in the schedule time of registration .
    You can register meeting , business trip , early shift , late shift and class name , if a company employee , if a student , the registration of the plan will be easy .

    Setting period
    It is a function of the students , it is possible to be registered to 1-9 Period that time and timed .
    It will also be possible to select to schedule the time of registration , time will be set automatically when you select a time period .
    Once you have registered the time period that you want to use well with other students , that any time from time selection will be easy .

    Setting Holiday
    Holiday setting of its own possible with a name and date.

    You need to assign TODO, it is displayed on the calendar, it is possible to understand clearly what you need to do by when.

    Function screen
    Such as changing screen theme selection and language selection, font size of the calendar is available.

    Password lock function
    I go to the password setting screen from the upper right of the screen function.
    By setting a password, you will need the password when you start the application.
    Also, if you forget, please reinstall the application.
    ※ Please note that data will be initialized.

    Money management
    By registering the deposit, withdrawal and the date and items, you can check the balance of payments and the total.
    Since there is an item with the date the search criteria, the calculation of the balance of payments can be monthly any, for each item of your choice.
    The year, month, day, itemized summary is also available.
    I can be used, for example, household account book, book allowance and sales management along with the schedule confirmation.

    Web Link
    It is possible to keep track of favorite Web sites.
    You can register summarizes the information of the site that you forget about, you can launch the browser directly from this app.

    ※ operation check above, in Android4.1
    ※ Please contact us if you have any feature requests added. If possible we will support !
    ※ This App is free.
    ※ privileges that are required to install , it does not engage in other than to access to (nend) advertising page .

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