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    You can enjoy this game from the start until the end, for free!!
    This Romance App Drama with a dash of horror has you explore the 7 supernatural mysteries of your school!!
    You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and solve the 7 supernatural mysteries at your school with handsome students and a teacher!

    There are many strange rumors about Fukatsu High School, the very school you attend. Rumors about how a piano plays on its own in the music room and how there’s a curious mirror capable of sending you into an alternate dimension. One day you end up getting mixed in one of the supernatural phenomena that abound in your high school and locked into a classroom as a result. Who will appear for you in that frightening moment?

    【Upperclassman with a Dual-personality】Yukito Oribe
    “I love…watching girls cry.”
    Age: 18 Height: 174cm
    On the surface he seems like a refreshing and gentle young man.
    He is gentle towards others and how he addresses them. He is nice to everyone. However, he also has a slightly twisted personality where his passion is making others cry. He has a penchant for enjoying girls’ reactions when they are shocked by the change in his personality and how his looks and demeanor deceive them into thinking he is gentle. But he doesn’t particularly enjoy hurting others, so he at least is considerate enough to patch things up with those he makes cry. He challenges the mystery surrounding the music room.

    【Childhood Friend with a Hot-cold Personality who Loves Sports】Souma Asuka
    “How much do you have to play around with me before you’re satisfied?”
    Age: 17 Height: 171cm
    He’s a confident sportsman who takes on the role of an older brother. He’s skilled at looking after others and loves people who often rely on him. He’s nice to everyone, but he can’t be himself whenever you are around, so he always says mean things to you. Despite that, his desire to protect you is greater than anyone else’s. You end up trying to solve the mystery surrounding the gymnasium with him.

    【Classmate with a Cool Demeanor】Rin Asakura
    “For some reason there’s nothing of interests when you’re not around.”
    Age: 17 Height: 172cm
    He is always calm and collected and doesn’t say much. He tries to find scientific logic for each of the mysteries at school. He hates anything that’s wasteful. He also takes issue with anyone who judges a book by its cover. Rin has no interest in anything that doesn’t catch his interest. Often says cold things, but has a soft side for recognizing other’s accomplishments and effort. You end up trying to solve the mystery of the science room together.

    【Teacher with a Wild Streak】Soutarou Yunoki
    “You finally remember, you stupid girl!”
    Age: 28 Height: 175cm
    He’s blunt and has a foul-mouth. He’s moody and has a coarse personality. He can’t handle people who are punctual and perfectionists. He’s always listless, but he does his job properly. He also listens to the students’ problems at times. He’s not much different from when he was in high school, but he used to be more proper about things. The two of you end up trying to solve the mystery of the dance hall together.

    You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!
    …Who will you challenge your school’s seven supernatural mysteries with?

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