Sciencesong Plus




    Sciencesong Plus

    Introducing the upgraded version of Sciencesong!
    Updated due to the popular demand!

    Sciencesong features 20 sciencesongs and 1 Sciencegame 'Oz Marble'.

    1. Sciencesong
    Science is fun with sciencesong! We have created fun songs with animation about science, for kids! By singing along Sciencesong, kids can learn about science by heart. We have chosen 20 songs that are most popular among 100+ songs. Some of the included subjects are: Why seasons change? How clouds work? What is it like inside a plant leaf?

    2. 'Oz Marble' a Sciencegame
    Dorothy and her friends need to see the Great Wizard of Oz! Only he can help make their wishes come true. Up against dangerous obstacles like deep dark pits, thornbushes, and toxic insects, wiil they make it to Oz? Help them overcome pits and insects by supplying them with items. Find out which items are needed, by thinking like a scientist! Everytime a character passes through an obstacle, everytime it crosses the finishline, you'll get points. Sign in with your LG Scienceland account and compete with your friends!

    Want more Sciencesong and Sciencegame?
    Visit LG Scienceland(, there are 100+ Sciencesongs and 50+ Sciencegames!

    About LG Scienceland:
    LG Scienceland is operated by LG Sangnam Library, which is the first and foremost digital library in Korea. We provide quality multimedia contents for kids about all thing science. So kids can have fun and study science at the same time.

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