ScorchCAD is a clone of OpenSCAD written for Android devices. ScorchCAD enables users to build CAD (computer aided design) models on an android phone or tablet. 3D modeling is performed in ScorchCAD by entering OpenSCAD code on the editor screen then compiling the code on the ScorchCAD viewer screen. The resulting 3D model can be viewed on the viewer screen. Rotate the model with one finger, 2 finger pinch to zoom, pan using three fingers. ScorchCAD can also be used as a minimal STL (STereoLithography) file viewer.

    ScorchCAD aims to provide the same functions as OpenSCAD but it does not use the same source code. Most of the basic features are currently working. Additional features will be supported in future updates.

    Features currently supported (fully or partially):
    - 3D Shapes: cube, cylinder, sphere, polyhedron
    - 2D Shapes: square, circle, polygon
    - Transformations: translate, rotate, scale, resize, mirror, multmatrix, hull, color
    - Boolean Operations: union, difference and intersection
    - Functions: norm, cross, lookup, str, , version, version_num and mathematical functions
    - Other: echo, for, intersection_for, if, assign, projection, surface
    - File Import: DXF and STL (ASCII and binary)
    - User defined variables and special variables : $fa, $fs and $fn
    - User defined functions and Math functions
    - Modifier character * (disable)

    ScorchCAD is still a work in progress here is a partial list of the OpenSCAD features not yet supported:
    minkowski, search, children, parent_module, Modifier Characters (! show only, # highlight, % transparent)

    ** Help make ScorchCAD better ***
    If ScorchCAD crashes during a model build please e-mail the *.scad file that resulted in a crash. I get crash reports from Google Play but it is difficult to troubleshoot without the code that caused the crash.

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