Scuba Dive Tables

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    Scuba Dive Tables application can be used as a perfect guide for planning your dives. All calculations are based on SSI recreational diving tables. This means that you can use it to verify what you already calculated with the normal dive tables.

    Select your depth (feet or meters) and dive time to calculate the Group Designation letter for your first dive (SSI Dive Table 1). Select your Surface Time Interval to calculate your new Group Designation letter (SSI Dive Table 2). Select your expected max depth to calculate your Residual Nitrogen Time (RNT) and Time Limit for your second dive (SSI Dive Table 3). Finally, enter your Total Bottom Time (TBT) to calculate new Group Designation letter for next dive.

    It’s quick and super easy to use! Get it now and make planning your dives easier!

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    Disclaimer: Proper training and certification such as SSI or PADI is required to dive anywhere. If you have not received training in scuba diving, you should not attempt to use any of these results. An improper use can result in a serious injury!

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