- Recording without free time limit, according to the free space on your device.
    - Application to find evidence of a crime that may be occurring, or any act, without being noticed. It can also serve as security camera, with background recording. In this application you can film and photograph, sound recording, all in hidden or show the clock instead of the camera view. It works on smartphone or tablet.

    - This is an application that can not miss ever in your tablet or smartphone. We never know when we will need, we are always prepared / a.

    - Here are some situations that this application is indispensable.
    With this app you can record among other situations one.

    + Illegal Embarrassment
    + Police approach truculent
    + Crimes against humanity
    + Flagrant marital betrayal
    + Abuse of authority
    + Harassment, by employers.
    + Calamities in public services.
    + Corruption
    + Blackmail
    + Bribes
    + Etc ...

    We see how this application is important at the right time?

    - This app also has free extra options that no other similar application has. As.
    + Choose the application language.
    + Choose the camera you want to film or photograph. rear or front camera if you have on your device.
    + Decide whether hide the application immediately.
    + Vibrate when you start the application and recording.
    + Choice of the recording destination folder.
    + Hides the destination folder.
    + Set the frame rate
    + Encode.
    + Maximum shooting time regulator
    + Regulator Maximum audio recording time.
    + Maximum time control of photos.
    + Regulator range shooting photos.
    + Etc ...

    - Options awards
    + Secret recording WIDGET.
    + Detector movement, only when a shooting motion detection occurs.
    + Remove the shutter sound.
    + Pause option and returns to where I stop.
    + Do not show notifications on the lock screen you are recording.
    + Remove advertising.
    + Show and hide the timer count.
    + Application password protection.
    + Hidden Filming with protection and encryption of recordings.
    + Movie with sound.
    + Set the resolution of the videos.
    + Set the resolution of photos.
    + Etc ...

    Note: This hidden recording app for android, serves to obtain evidence of crimes, or to protect themselves from any judicial process. He is not a spy camera app, Incorrect use of this application, is the responsibility of those who use it. Secret Video Recorder. With this app, you can record everything you want covertly. All this through the camera and microphone device. In it you can shoot secretly, strip hidden photos, and record conversations covertly. environment listening. This app can also be used as a secret camera family protection.
    Application of Video and hidden footage. Best of hidden video recording. And records hidden video with excellent voice recorder.

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