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    CrypSafe is an encrypted contact manager, password manager, and private pocket web server. It is an ideal cyber security app to protect your contacts and passwords. It features YubiKey NEO, SqlCipher AES 256-bit encryption, and HTTPS TLS 1.2.

    We made CrypSafe because our own personal data was being snooped and exploited. We love our smartphones, tablets and web apps. Having our data in front of us is what we want, but there is one BIG problem. All of these free apps, are at best selling our personal information, or worst stealing our personal identity and spying on us. To use Android and use the apps, you must agree to certain Terms and Conditions, so the snooping may even be legal. But this does not mean you can’t protect your privacy.

    On average 40 apps on any Android device can read your contacts. You can confirm this yourself with the CounterCloud Permission Survey tool, it's free.) It is trivial for an app to push a copy of all your contacts into the cloud. There is no telling where your personal information will go. If an App has access to your contacts but no obvious and sustainable business model, you have reason to be concerned.
    So what is the answer? Starting with your contacts and passwords, encrypt everything.

    CrypSafe is a security app for your contacts and passwords. It's an Android app and web server that you carry around in your pocket. Your personal information is always on a physical device that you control and it's always secure. If you have a second Android device such as a Tablet or an old phone, CrypSafe will maintain a mirror backup on the second device. If your phone is ever broken or stolen, you always have a backup.

    CrypSafe is an Android App and a Web Server. Not an Internet web server, it's a LAN web server and an Android app too. CrypSafe serves a web app over your local area net. Data never goes into the cloud or over the Internet.

    For the security geeks, data at rest is secured with an SqlCipher AES 256-bit encrypted database and data in motion use TLS 1.2 https. YubiKey NEO is used for authentication.

    CrypSafe has the same workflow that you use every day. On your PC or Mac, your contacts are in the browser in front of you. When you are on the go everything is with you. Return home or to the office and it automatically syncs any updates to your companion tablet or phone, this way you always have a backup. No hassles, just easy, automatic and secure.

    Secure doesn't have to be boring. CrypSafe was built from the latest in Android technology.
    Unlike other Android contact managers, CrypSafe is not just a set of new skins on the same old Android contact database.

    + It is built using Fragments. This means it looks great on phones and tablets.
    + It has 4 eye-pleasing themes to choose from.
    + It has a Random Password Generator.
    + It generates industry standard vCard, vcf files so you can share contacts with your associates.
    + If you are a power user that uses accounts, groups, group emails and group SMS text, you will feel right at home.
    + It lets you save an offline encrypted backup to your SD card, Dropbox, Google Drive or email.

    CrypSafe uses an obvious and minimal set of permissions. The app imports your contacts and can save vCards and encrypted backups to the SD card. It will reference an account to manage a software license. It requires full network access and WiFi to serve the web app.

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