Secret Notes AES-256

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    Secure your secret notes with AES-256 encryption with this Zero Permission App.

    We will refund with no questions asked if we fail in any one of our strengths (Refer to our website).

    Typical use cases: travelling to foreign countries, prying siblings, secret diary, too many passwords to remember, your very personal details such as bank a/c, financial statements.

    This app encrypt your notes into the very depth of internal storage in your device. The notes will stay in your phone and will not leave your phone. The encryption used for securing your notes is AES-256, refer to, one of the strongest encryption scheme. Every note you type into Secret Notes AES-256 are encrypted. Your encryption key, or password, is not stored in any form in your phone or anywhere else.

    We have started Zero Permission App (ZPA) initiative on our website, an initiative to provide peace of mind to users by aiming to have no (ZERO) required permission in Android, but still providing innovative and effective features.

    To use, just download and enter a unique password (that you MUST remember), and then you can start typing your secret information. If you enter the password wrongly two times in a row, the application will default to a blank note list. This is for just in the case that you are forced to open the app. Uninstalling the application will automatically remove all the notes that the app stored on the phone. You can change your password anytime by using the "Change Password" setting in the App.

    IMPORTANT 1: There is no way to retrieve the password if you cannot remember your password. Your password is not stored anywhere and by anyone. We will only be able to help you recover your notes if we have figured out a way to break AES-256, and we have NOT yet done so.

    IMPORTANT 2: We will only support this app downloaded direct from Google Play. There are risks that the encryption may be weakened, malware infection, tracking logic added if you download the app from elsewhere.

    IMPORTANT 3: Please use a more complex and hard to guess password to protect your notes. Yes, your birthday or phone number is easy to guess.

    No ADS and No root required
    Simple to use, no manual required
    Supports Smartphones, Tablets
    Supports Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat
    Good resource management
    No frills, run with minimum RAM and CPU
    No unnecessary function in the app (to enhance security)
    No Android Permission required, zero, none, period
    Safe and Privacy focused, no servers and DOES NOT connect to the Internet
    Your notes will never leave your device
    Your notes is only stored in ENCRYPTED form, in the internal storage of your device
    Only your password (and pray you must not forget) can unlock your secret notes
    Backup of your notes is fully supported in the system
    No other app in the device can read your notes
    Check the permission required by other similar apps and you will agree that this is the BEST app for securing your notes in comparison
    You can request for full source code audit by contacting us

    Have fun and God Bless.

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