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    What is Unlockar?
    Unlockar (also known as Unlocker Launcher) is a lockscreen news & entertainment content reader that lets you enjoy News, Videos & Songs every time you wake up your phone to unlock. It turns your boring lockscreen into a source of unlimited information and entertainment.

    What are the different source of Information and Entertainment?
    You can subscribe to various channels and get exciting News and Entertainment Content as per your preference directly on your phone’s lockscreen, totally free of cost. Content offered on these channels is updated on a daily basis and is from various facets including Local Deals, Discounts, Best Offers, Jokes, Beautiful Places, Wallpapers, Quotes, Astrology, Facts, Puzzles, Quizzes, News, Scores, Weather Updates, Astrology, Sample and Freebies, Tickets and Coupons, Movie Trailers, Movie Reviews, Technology Updates, Art, Sports Achievements and Rankings, Fashion, Bollywood, Hollywood, History, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle and Trends, Advertisement, Commercials, etc.

    # Beautifully designed wallpaper themes: Choose from vast selection of interesting and lovable themes across various categories, namely,

    • Celebrity themes from Bollywood, Hollywood, Sports, Business, Startups and Politics
    • Scenic and Nature wallpapers across categories like Dogs, Cats, Birds, Cute Animals, Beaches, Historic Monuments, Travel Locations, etc.
    • Religious themes covering multiple wallpapers of Gurus, God and Goddess
    • Miscellaneous themes such as Love Quotes, Success Quotes, Fashion and Abstract

    What all actions can be performed on Unlockar lockscreen?
    - Swipe Up to go to your home screen (Unlock)
    - Swipe Right/Left to see wallpapers of the selected theme
    - Call / Message from lockscreen itself
    - Tap to Read More or Interact with the content

    Other Key Features
    Daily Planner:
    Press on date to interact with your daily plan via Calendar app

    Save your favorite content
    Press 'Pin' button to save content for later viewing

    Share content with friends
    Press 'Share' button to send content to your friends

    Switch Off Content on Lockscreen:
    Using this feature, you can switch off the lock screen content and continue enjoying in-app news and content.

    Live Cricket Score:
    Using this feature, you can see live cricket score of all international matches without going away from lockscreen. Press on Cricket score (for Int'l matches) for detailed scores/commentary.

    Weather Report:
    You can see weather updates and forecasts of any place of the world in a systematic manner on a beautiful user interface.

    Daily Horoscope:
    Check your and all your dear friends' and families' daily horoscope from the lockscreen itself. You can even check your love compatibility.

    Channel Timer:
    You can set time for any/all channels. Such channels will be shown on your lockscreen only during defined hours of the day.

    NOTE: Please do not view Unlockar (not spelt as Unlocker) as a source of huge income, but rather see it as a source of great entertainment and gamified lock screen experience. There is only one Unlockar Lock Screen and no Unlocker (with 'er' at the end of Unlocker), so do not get confused with fake and duplicate unlocker applications.

    As of now, rewards are available only for Indian users. Other users can enjoy the amazing news & entertainment content but will not be able to redeem rewards.

    Please see answers to frequently asked questions at

    Enjoy News, Videos & Songs on Lockscreen!

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