Seismic QC




    Seismic QC is the first free multi-purpose geophysical calculator and seismic reference used for the quality control and design of seismic exploration surveys.

    Currently the free application allows access to the following options 6, 7, 10, 14, 23 and 24.


    1. 2D FOLD = Calculation of 2D attribute data, fold, offset, bin size and roll on distances.
    2. 3D FOLD = Calculation of 3D attribute data, fold, offset, bin size, source and receiver densities.
    3. ARRAY DATA = Design of field arrays based on reflection data considerations for both zero, up dip and down dip shooting scenarios.
    4. ARRAY NOISE = Design of field arrays targeting noise cancellation based on noise data characteristics.
    5. BIN SIZE = Design of subsurface bin size for temporal, lateral and noise based considerations.
    6 DATASEIS = Calculations of recorded data size based on recording format characteristics.
    7. DECIBELS = Conversion from dB to Amplitude and Amplitude to dB tool.
    8. EVENTS = Calculation of event characteristics, frequency, velocity and wavelength from field records techniques.
    9. MIGRATION = Design of migration aperture for structural, diffraction energy and Fresnel radius considerations.
    10. NYQUIST = Conversion of sampling interval to nyquist and nyquist to sampling interval tool.
    11. OCTAVES = Conversion of bandwidth to octaves tool.
    12. RECORD = Design of recording length to ensure maximum offset data capture.
    13. REFLECTION = Calculation of reflection coefficient based on two layer characteristics.
    14. SWEEP = Redesign of linear sweep based on new frequency range and original sweep attributes to preserve power while optimising sweep efficiency.
    15. VELOCITY = Calculation of interval velocity for two layer scenario.
    16. VIBROSEIS = Calculation of vibroseis S/N sweep improvement and redesign of sweep based on change in number of vibrators available, power or sweep length modifications.


    17. FIELD RECORD = Handy field stylised reference used to identify events and corresponding characteristic velocities which can be typically found on raw seismic records.
    18. FORMATIONS = Quick reference of P wave, S wave and formation densities associated with most commonly occurring seismic reflectors and refractors.
    19. GEOLOGICAL TIME = Quick guide reference of geological time periods.
    20. OGP & IAGC = Quick links to land and marine safety standards and documentation. Hi potential incident listings, land safety manuals, OGP and IAGC reference publications.
    21. SEG POLARITY – Quick guide reference and links to SEG polarity standards for recording systems, field receivers and vibrator hardwires and tests.
    22. VIBRATION STANDARDS – Common vibration standards and effects used in determining minimum offset standards for dynamite and vibroseis operations. Quick links to DIN and ISO standards.


    23. BID DESIGN – Online request for tendering & contract design services for land & transition seismic exploration surveys.
    24. CONSULTANTS - Online request for seismic project managers, operations coordinators, operational QC’s and safety supervisors.


    25. INDUSTRY NEWS = Quick links and RSS feeds for industry news on exploration, production, finance, USGS, SEG, EAGE and crew activity websites.
    26. SEISMIC JOBS = RSS feed for seismic job listings for Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and CIS, Middle East, North America and South America.

    Currently the free application allows access to the following options 6, 7, 10, 14, 23 and 24.