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    Self Evident is a free app that records, validates and secures evidence. While the Android version has been designed primarily as a crime reporting app, it also lets you file a report for work, notify an adviser or business of a claim, send the media a news story or just secure the evidence in your private account.

    Enhancements brought to you by the Mayor of London improve accessibility for users and offer improved support for victims of hate crime.

    More reliable evidence
    Evidence recorded with the app is more reliable because (a) it is recorded in real time and when the events are fresh in your mind, (b) a data log validating the time, place and file information is stored and corroborated independently, and (c) a copy is kept safe in your private account.

    Safer communities
    The app was first developed as a means to deter and reduce crime. You can send a crime report and evidence to the police. (In much of the UK, the app links automatically to the right police team.) As well as validating evidence, Self Evident guides users through videoing a witness statement, and locates and dates the incident in a secure and convenient report. By easing the path of victims and witnesses, the app offers a new approach to community safety and police-public engagement.

    Simplifying life
    The app also helps whenever evidence matters. You can use it to notify an insurer about a treasured purchase, to photograph the scene of a car accident, to video the damage a leaking roof is causing, to record the effects of an injury or the progress of recovery, to collect evidence about a dispute, to record a neighborhood noise that disrupts your sleep, or to detail the condition of an apartment as you move in. By independently validating and securing your evidence, the app avoids misunderstandings, dissolves disputes and, where necessary, can help prove a claim. 

    Streamlining work
    By simplifying routine tasks, validating evidence and securing reports, the app can save time and money at work. Auditors, campaigners, compliance officers, delivery drivers, inspectors, journalists, lawyers, loss adjusters, meter readers, police officers, regulators safety officials and writ servers are some of the people who can benefit by using Self Evident in their work.

    Secure in Your Account
    Reports generated through the Self Evident app are secured to the private account you get at when you register the app. This is where you manage your files, keep and validate evidence and track when a report you send is accessed. And if it’s a report to the police, this is where you can give confidential feedback on their response.

    Free App, Free Trial, Free Witness Reports
    Self Evident is free to download. You can send and secure up to five reports for free during your first four weeks. Witness reports to the police are always free. To find out about other free reports and charges, visit the support URL or your private account.

    Witness Confident and Just Evidence
    Witness Confident is the registered charity and legal advice centre behind the app's role in cutting crime in Britain. Its sister organization Just Evidence is the social enterprise that delivers the app in other fields around the world.

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