Sensor Compass Pro




    Smart Compass is very precise and robust compass which identify the line of sight automatically from network provider, if GPS is turned on it use it communicate to satellite so that you will get more accurate position.

    - Altitude works only with the GPS.

    - This application measures the altitude with precise information Can be used in sailing, mountains to know the altitudes, deserts.

    - Tip of the triangle points to the user axis. Interface is sleek and it consumes very less battery than other tracking apps.

    *How it works* :

    - In order to work this in your phone. Please do the following instructions in your phone :

    - Goto: Security>location and services>access to my location -: here enable the service to allow apps that have asked your permission to use your location.

    Just tab the screen you will get the information about latitude, longitude, altitude, Travel distance (degrees), and provider information.

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