Session Horns Pro Explored

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    Learn Native Instruments' Session Horns Pro and bring a "real" brass section to your next recording session!

    Realistic sections. Authentic and natural sounding solos. That's what this Powered-By-Kontakt e-instrument is all about!

    Creating realistic sounding, virtual brass parts is never easy. All those subtle articulations, expressions and voicings require a lot of knowledge and arranging skills... even if you have a real brass section! NI's new Session Horns Pro by e-instruments makes getting that realism a whole lot easier and in this course by Matt Vanacoro you learn how to get the job done!

    Matt first guides you through the process of getting this massive 40GB instrument with its NKI files on to your drives and gets you up and running with a tour of the SHP GUI and all of the cool features that it deploys to create its highly believable brass sounds.

    Next you'll earn all about the Session Horns Performance mode and its ability to generate riffs and articulations that will have you convinced that the world's best session players are in the house! From there, with help from our friends at e-instruments, Matt reveals the techniques used in Session Horns Pro's keyswitching toolbox where the magic of MIDI control turns an ordinary riff into a ripping horn solo!

    So learn Native Instruments' Session Horns Pro – from Matt Vanacoro – and harness the power and musicality of a perfectly performed virtual brass section in your next production.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction: What Did I Just Buy?
    2. Storing & Installing the Library
    3. Selecting & Loading an NKI File
    4. Around the Main Window
    5. How to Get More Control
    6. Voicing Assistant Modes
    7. About Smart Chord
    8. Animator Basics
    9. Using the Song Editor
    10. The Animator in Practice
    11. An Overview of the Sound Window
    12. Using Global Send FX
    13. Filtering & Delay for Dance Tracks
    14. Compressed & Saturated Pop Horns
    15. What is Performance Mode?
    16. Articulating for Convincing Sounds
    17. Keyswitching vs. Velocity Switching
    18. Recording Funk Horns Using Keyswitches
    19. Inserting a Keyswitch to Jazz Things Up
    20. Keyswitch Mastery
    21. Why Go Solo?
    22. Using Solo Horns For Scoring
    23. Wrapping it Up