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    "Shri Ram Raksha"
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    A miraculous stotra for long life.

    It was written by a saint Budha Kaushika during the Vedic period.

    Literal meaning of Ram Raksha means 'Protection given by Lord Rama (to us)'.

    One who sincerely recites it and understands its meaning, he receives faith that Lord Rama protects his mind & prepares it to know the Ultimate Truth.

    It is said that Lord Shiva came into saint Budha Kaushika's dream and sung these 38 stanzas.

    Its helpful in any situation Ailment or Disaster.
    There is not disappointment for any boy who adorns this.
    People whose life is in danger, or those who are suffering with any type of disease, or any  thing troubling you, a fear of some misdoing, will be protected. All your body parts  are protected because it is encrypted with all type of protection.
    Conditions can turn in your favour if you have no job or about to loose your job. All your problems will vanish if you feel distressed & troubled, if you are expecting the worst or if you are worried about your loved ones then use this Mantra. We worship God Ram and expect his divine for success and blessings.
    Special public recitation of the stotra is organized during religious festivals, especially during Navaratri celebrations, when continuous recitation takes place from Gudi Padwa till Rama Navami day, the birthday of Lord Rama.

    In Hindu astrology chanting of the stotra is recommended as a remedial measure for "squabblings, enmity, losses, hurdles".

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