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    ShutAPP Pro | an app that puts you in parental control of pester power on mobile devices.

    Technology and mobile devices play an enormous part in our children's lives already, we have toddlers navigating and bum shuffling to YouTube through tablets and mobiles, to teens who are validating themselves by signing up to the latest social networks ranging from SnapChat to Instagram on mobiles.

    ShutAPP allows you to set auto timers on particular applications as well as adding a security layer password request to applications you wish to protect. We often hear 'mummy one more video' or '5 more minutes please', the time has come when 15 minutes of Peppa Pig on YouTube means 15 minutes until complete shut down of YouTube.

    We are all carried away on handheld devices which means we lose the value of control and privacy in the matter of the moment.

    The main features of ShuttAPP will enable you to
    - Have control over the amount of time your child spends on their Android devices with the automatic timer built in.
    - Protect your child from any applications you wish to keep away from them.
    - Have full confidence in the amount of data your child is exposed to.

    The time for Digital discipline has arrived. Become the boss once again and Download ShutAPP now on your Android device. Experience real control and privacy.

    App Locking
    Multiple Themes
    Time based
    Mobile security
    Mobile privacy
    Child lock on mobile
    Mobile app lock
    App security
    Mobile secure privacy
    Phone lock

    Available now on the Google App store for £2.99 post the complimentary period
    of 21 days.

    Enjoy the first 21 days for free. Get protected, stay in control today.

    log on to for more details.

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