Simple Kitchen Timer




    As its name implies, it's a simple kitchen timer. In reality it contains three separate, independent timers that can be used for a lot more than just boiling an egg! Turn it on whenever you need to set a time limit of any kind (paid parking, training, taking a nap, etc.)...

    ¡ï Easy to setup
    ¡ï Can be active in the background, you can keep using your phone or tablet

    ¡ï Time scales from seconds to hours to support all recipes
    ¡ï Selectable alarm tones & optional vibration
    ¡ï Designed to be used on phones and tablets

    ¡ï Can keep the screen on or dimmed, so you can see progress at a glance

    ¡ï Multiple Timers
    ¡ïLED blink alert


    This convenient timer has various time scales making it usable whether you want to bake a cake, need an egg timer, or are preparing a stew. Smart snapping makes it easy to set up.

    This kitchen timer can run in the background. So you will have your phone or tablet available for other purposes. And when your dishes require your attention, you will be alerted by an adjustable ringtone or optional vibration.


    Press the MENU key to enter settings and presets. To TURN OFF THE ALARM press the red timer or use/open the Notification Bar. Intuitive interface in the form of kitchen. Up to 3 simultaneously running timers
    You can use other applications, The kitchen timer Simple Kitchen Timer will warn you when your food is ready.


    - Kitchen Timer
    - Food Timer
    - General Alarm

    Simple Kitchen Timer is a Kitchen clock that records up to 3 timers simultaneously. Ideal for food lovers who want their meals stay perfect. Cooking your food and snug, the kitchen timer Simple Kitchen Timer will be pending for you. Simple Kitchen Timer allows to save some timers and run them when you are cooking your favorite recipes. The alarm will ring when the time has elapsed.

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