Sleep Whispers




    Sleep Whispers is a great new sleep sounds app, which is created especially for babies. Sleep Whispers will help your baby fall asleep with nice relaxing music and have beautiful dreams. This new free app has lullaby relaxing tunes and sleep sounds of nature for relaxation. Also, Sleep Whispers has sleep timer, so you won’t need to stay and watch until your baby falls asleep.

    Sleep Whispers app can be also a baby interactive app, because its interface is child-friendly and designed beautiful way. It also could become your baby’s first game, because it’s bright and colorful so toddlers, especially girls, could play with Sleep Whispers hours long!

    ********** How Sleep Whispers Works **********
    Set the timer, set the volume with volume controller and sleep music will be playing exact amount of time your baby gets sleepy, and then timer will stop by itself.

    ****** Sleep Whispers Features ********
    - Useful volume controller;
    - Very helpful sleep timer;
    - Your kids can play with it, not only listening;
    - Help your baby to fall asleep easily with relaxing baby lullabies and nursery rhymes;
    - Amazing child-friendly interface;
    - Enjoyable for everyone and any age!

    This music app will help your baby to fall asleep fast and easily, so you can relax and take time for yourself. Wish sweet dreams to your little precious baby and let him or her sleep with beautiful music of Sleep Whispers