Magnetic Field & DC Current Detector

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    Magnetic Field & DC Current Detector

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    Find the origin of electro magnetic fields (EMF) & DC currents with high precision through haptic feedback! Use linescan option for more accurate localization. Share your measurement as picture or data for interpretation and/or to friends. Ideal for crafting, soldering, building and repairing equipment.

    - Precise measurement of the magnetic field strength
    - Localizing of spots with electric current flowing
    - Point measurements or line scan
    - Measure x-, y- and z- direction of the magnetic field
    - Haptic feedback for precise and "blind" localization
    - Share your measurements as image or data

    Short description
    With the magnetic field & DC current detector, you can easily and elegantly examine the origin and strength of a magnetic field. Use line scans to investigate areas more accurate. Share your measurements as pictures or data file for yourself or your friends for interpretation.
    The origin of a magnetic field is connected to high DC currents. For example, you can quickly and easily determine the location of a power supply, a large consumer, or a defective part within a device. With the haptic feedback, you can even do this without having to look at the screen. For a later evaluation, share your measurement data.

    Application scenarios (examples)
    - Repairing devices and individual components; device development
    - Finding defective components; Troubleshooting
    - Finding electrical DC currents and cables and power sources
    - Measure and locate magnetic fields
    - Test whether devices are switched on or off
    - Test if current is at component
    - Test for function of devices and parts
    - Localization of power supplies
    - Support in crafting, soldering construction and repairing of equipment
    - Check contacts during crafting and soldering
    - Estimation of electricity consumption

    Please give us feedback:

    The magnetic field strength is detected with a sampling rate of 5 ms and an average of 50 ms. The accuracy is ~ 0.15 μT. In order to obtain quantitatively correct values for the magnetic fields, please calibrate the magnetic field sensor before application. You calibrate the sensor by moving the mobile phone in a loop and rotating around itself. Important: In a space where only the earth's magnetic field is present.

    Alternating currents cannot be detected. For this, we are developing another app.

    SMF APPS GbR accepts no liability whatsoever. The results obtained are an orientation value.

    We introduce ourselves:
    The SMF APPS GbR has set itself the task to develop helpful and innovative apps based on scientific knowledge.

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