Smile On The Inside

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    Welcome to the first step in achieving a more centered self. Smile on the Inside is a mindfulness app focusing on enlightening your inner senses and helping you find calm amidst a busy lifestyle.

    Participating in a short meditation session every day will benefit your health and bring clarity to your mind. Our App has been tailored for those who struggle to find time to switch off from stress, be still and to relax.

    Smile on the Inside is your opportunity to discover a happier you.

    Did you know that one smile can generate the same level of pleasurable brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate?

    Smiling has been shown to produce positive health benefits including:

    • Reduction in stress levels – by relieving physical tension and promoting relaxation
    • Boosting immunity by reducing stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine
    • Lowering blood pressure
    • Release of endorphins – the body’s feel good hormones that promote a sense of well-being and pain reduction. This release of endorphins can be stimulated just by moving the muscles that you use to smile even if you don’t feel like smiling
    • Improvement in mood
    • Reduction in anxiety

    Did you know that you can make yourself feel relaxed and happy whilst creating a positive health benefit within your body? This can be achieved by using something that is available to you at any time – your smile.

    Let the Smile on the Inside app help you to harness the the power of your own smile.

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