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    - Have you been on holiday and have taken many pictures and videos with your smartphone and you want to copy them to your PC when you come back?
    - Have you downloaded any other content from web and can not wait to store them once back at home or in the office?
    - Do you want to keep a copy of your data in the event of failure or loss of your smartphone?
    - Sync your content with PC or NETWORK HDD

    Well, Snaps Backups is created for you!

    Through this application you can keep an updated copy of the contents of your device (video, photos, files and folders from Internal Memory/External SDCard) without think to connections, cables, computers sync, and more.

    Is required a personal WiFi network and a Shared Folder (from PC/MAC/LINUX) or NetworkDevice on the same network in order to use this app.
    Define and configure the backup server (as NAS) and your backup content will be performed according to the scheduled time indicated with defined content.
    Will execute and backups without any human interaction. No cables, no tap, no action, no smartphone interaction but only wifi pairing.


    - NEW Feature: SyncFolder! Now you can sync your device folder with network a folder. (FULL version)
    - NEW Feature: Import/Export configuration
    - Schedulation on days, weeks and months
    - Server configuration: you can search automatically computer and network devices (fetch ip address)
    - Ability to configure a server that requires authentication with domain
    - Pause backup when the battery is below a defined level (by settings)
    - Ability to define start of backup service only if the device is charging (by settings)
    - Performs all active backups without consider backup schedule (by screen activity or screen backups)
    - After selecting a folder in selection backup content, you can specify whether to consider subfolders or not (in the screen of the backup content)
    - Selection of folders from device memory or external scard for devices that have them
    - Feature "Preserve Folder Tree" in backup configuration
    - Delete source files after backup (immediatly or scheduled)
    - You can set more server or backup
    - Long tap on Server/Backup configuration to duplicate it

    Quick guide for config a backup:

    Create a server:
    1. Open Snaps Backup
    2. Open the navigation drawer menu on the left side
    3. Select Servers
    4. Adding a configuration using the "+" button
    5. Set the required values (HOST IP or Name)
    6. Save the configuration

    Create a Backup:
    1. Open the navigation drawer menu on the left side
    2. Select the Backup
    3. Adding a configuration using the "+" button
    4. Enter required data
    5. Add the content you want to back up by clicking the "Add element to backup"
    6. Saving the configuration
    7. Enable your backup for execution

    PS *** ***
    1. The application is currently compatible on wifi networks with visible SSID

    For suggestions, contact us.
    NexusBoysApps Team

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