SnapToMail is designed to take a collection of pictures of received goods in a warehouse or delivered goods and send them as JPG attachments to a predefined email address for further processing.

    But it can also be used to transmit picture collections in the real estate, construction or insurance business.

    The app is extremely easy to use and requires zero training.

    Deploy the SnapToMail app on your remote staff's smart phones and receive pictures from throughout the country on your email server.

    CaptureBites provides business solutions to auto archive and auto-index the pictures based on bar code and email metadata by means of the CaptureBites MetaServer.

    The pictures can then be used to demonstrate the state of the goods when they were received or delivered or feed a real-estate or insurance claim adjustment system.

    SnapToMail also registers GPS coordinates which can be used to instantly open the location where the pictures were taken in Google Maps.

    Industries with the need to email collections of pictures:

    - Transport (goods at distribution points and goods at delivery points)
    - Warehouse (received goods)
    - Real estate
    - Insurance claim adjustment
    - Home inspection reporting
    - Construction auditing
    - Crime scene investigation

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