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    Are you at the mall and love that shirt/watch/shoes which you just tried on? Don't buy it yet! Use this app to quickly find the best DISCOUNTS on the exact same item from your favourite stores like Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, Fashionara and many more!
    How to use the App
    1) In the mall, after trying out the item, look at the price tag of that item, you will notice a unique stylecode .
    2) Enter this stylecode in the app
    3) If this item is available online you can buy it through the app
    4) If not, you can be proud of yourself that you got the item for the cheapest price.

    SneakShop - Redefining Online Shopping in India

    SneakShop offers you the best of both online and traditional shopping. This free price comparison app for Android helps you while you are OUT shopping at a mall or any OFFLINE store. Once you have enjoyed your in-store experience of touching, feeling, trying out and finalizing the product, SneakShop comes into the picture. In 3 simple steps, it lets you buy the SAME product ONLINE (in your favorite e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Indiatimes Shopping, Jabong and others), where you may find amazing discounts! Thus the app lets you have all the pleasures of old style shopping, but ensures a value-for-money purchase. Oh ya, SneakShop is NOT for browsing from home.

    SneakShop is for YOU

    • Are you one of the smart few who like to look & feel before you buy?
    • Are you fed up of buying clothes, shoes and watches from online sites, just to find out later that it does not suit you?
    • Have you ever bought that perfect shirt from the mall, just to find out later that you could have got it cheaper?
    • Are you the SMART, UBER-STYLISH shopper who loves to get his money’s worth?

    Then this is the App for you.

    SneakShop is so EASY

    1. SPOT: Every product, especially the branded ones you love, has a unique style code tagged to it. This is your key to use SneakShop. Look closely at the price tag of the product you have picked and spot the style code/ style number.
    (In most cases, it will have alphabets and numbers, though there are some brands with just numbers)

    2. SEARCH: Type in the brand name and style code value into the app. Click on the "Shop" button. If you can't search for the product right there, "Save" it and search for it later.
    (Brand name is optional for most brands, but including it improves the accuracy of the results)

    3. SHOP: Get the online prices for the exact item that you are holding! Buy from the shopping website of your choice. It can also happen that the store price is cheaper or the product is not available online. In those cases, you can buy from the store without fear of later regret!

    You can also FAVORITE the sneak results you want and SHARE it with friends and family, thus passing on the awesomeness!

    We currently feature Men's, Women's & Kid's Clothing & Footwear, Bags, Wallets, Belts, Sunglasses, Watches and more. We are testing Electronics and other items, so you may still get your results but they might not be accurate. Let us know when you come across something not right.

    We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns,

    please email us at:

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