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    Sniffer clients can use this app to manage their online bookings, promotions, invoices and business intelligence.

    Download the Sniffer App to :Get Access to the Best Events in Delhi NCR

    Are you Planning to go out today and can't decide where to go in Delhi NCR? Then you can trust Sniffer to find the best activities for you to do with your Friends & Family.

    Sniffer gets you the fun you love in Delhi , Gurgaon and Noida. We use state of the art technologies to find what is the best activity you would love to do and book it for you just in minute.

    You can Trust Sniffy with:

    A Hangout, A Romantic Date, A Party, Karaoke, Adventure, Gaming & Sports, Events or a Weekend Getaway. Sniffy helps you to make a decision, not get confused.

    Try Shaking Your Phone and See the Match Making Angels do the Magic for you.

    Don't Forget to Check out Some of Our Cool Features:

    1)Shake Me Hard!
    Shake your Phone to find experiences that you would love!

    2)Emotional IQ
    We want to be a friend than an Assistant. Try the Mood Search

    3)On-Time Notifications
    We make sure you get the time to put on some dazzle and never miss an Event that you will love.

    4)Unbeatable Deals
    Catch not just amazing experiences but deals/offers too!

    Collect Bones to win some Cool Prizes.

    What can you also expect in Sniffer:
    - Newly opened restaurant nearby
    - Nightlife places
    - Bars & Clubs
    - Ladies Night or Party places nearby
    - Delhi Events
    - Gigs, concerts & shows
    - Comedy Shows
    - Theatre Festivals
    - Food Fest Nearby
    - Art & Music Festival Nearby
    - Food Events happening in town

    Don’t waste your time doing Internet searches while everyone else is having a blast! In a couple taps, Sniffer will show you exactly where you want to be! Download the Sniffer Now!

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    You can contact us at to promote your business on Sniffer or visit to register as a merchant.

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