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    Wondering what fun things you can do with friends or family?

    Browse through photos & tips of people to find the best option for yourself. You can explore nightlife, events, adventure, romantic places, food, live music, weekend getaways ---> All that you need to have a good time!

    If you explored or experienced something cool then click, add tips and share to the world. Gain followers and become the most famous tipster in your town. The fun part is your post will come in everyone's feed giving you the highest reach hence you have the power to influence greater audience and gain followers with purely good content.

    Explore & share tips on:

    1) Parties
    2) Food experiences
    3) Adventurous experience
    4) Vacation experience
    5) Gaming activities
    6) Sight seeing
    7) Weekend getaway

    Some of our cool features:

    1) Visual search
    Search by telling what you want to see or have in your experience! In results you will get the relevant photos to envision what other people did and things you can do!

    2) Photo Feed
    Watch photos of people doing fun things around you!

    3) Tips
    Browse through tips given by other people so you know how to have the best of your time!

    4) Post pictures
    Post pictures of your experiences with tips and share them with the world!

    5) Share Tips:
    Share your tips with your friends in a beautiful pre-made template, gain followers and become the most known tipster in your town.

    6) Titles:
    Sniffer community votes on what they think about your post and you can earn titles which you can share with your friends in a beautiful pre-made template.

    Don’t waste your time doing Internet searches while everyone else is having a blast! In a couple taps, Sniffer will show you exactly where you want to be! Download the Sniffer Now!

    What can you also expect in Sniffer:
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    - Nightlife places
    - Bars & Clubs
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    - Delhi Events
    - Gigs, concerts & shows
    - Comedy Shows
    - Theatre Festivals
    - Food Fest Nearby
    - Art & Music Festival Nearby
    - Food Events happening in town

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