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    Dear friends,

    This is for the first time, you can save your text messages of SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, Line, G+ and other social media via Social Archive.

    No need to load earlier messages.
    Just archive and maintain your own collection of stored text, just like you do in media gallery.

    It is very efficient, shortest and smart application. All in one. One for All.

    So do download and share, since it is useful to all 500 million user of social media across the globe. So just archive and don't loose the classics.

    How to use Social Archive.

    To archive any content, text, data, etc just select the desired data and perform the copy function available in your android phone and henceforth 'Social Archive' will ask you with a pop-up to archive the respective data. Now there will be floating icon ' SA' available everywhere, so just click that shortcut to access the application ground directly and there you will find the storage of it.

    The application has also got the back-up system where you can sync. With Your google account directly and keep the storage intact, so that the data is accessible anytime you reset or change your phone. The sync. Moves with your google account everywhere. Your data can be restored just with a click.

    There is a facility to inter-shuffle your storage as per the category available in order for you to maintain the classics and important data. You can edit, share and copy from the application too.


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