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    This software is designed for tablets, not for smartphones.

    What users of Android tablets could only dream of until now is finally a reality.

    PlanMaker HD is the only complete spreadsheet program for tablet computers – the full set of features for editing and formatting spreadsheets that you know from your desktop spreadsheet program is at your disposal. Finally, you can calculate, analyze and present on your tablet computer like you do on your PC!

    Uncompromising compatibility: PlanMaker HD reads and writes XLS, XLSX and XLSM files from Microsoft Excel 5.0 to 2016, including password-protected ones.

    Intuitive to use: If you've already worked with PlanMaker or Excel, you'll pick up PlanMaker HD in no time. The user interface is just like the one on the PC, but perfectly adapted to touchscreen use.

    Save locally or in the cloud: PlanMaker HD not only opens and saves documents on your Android tablet, but also in the cloud: Directly from PlanMaker HD, you can edit documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Evernote and OneDrive.

    PlanMaker HD brings the features of a desktop spreadsheet program to your Android tablet. Don't settle for less.

    Files and printing

    Open and save XLS, XLSX and XLSM from Excel 5.0 to 2016 faithfully to the original
    Import and export assistant for text files and dBASE databases
    Create PDF files directly in PlanMaker HD
    Print via Google Print and other printing programs
    Scale the printout so that it fits on a specified number of pages
    Send worksheets by e-mail as XLS, XLSX, or PDF

    Comprehensive calculation capabilities

    More than 350 calculation functions
    Worksheets with 1 million rows and 16,384 columns
    Complex numbers and array functions
    Perpetual time format (20:00 + 5:00 is not 1:00 but 25:00)
    Calculate with negative times
    External references (calculations that access data in other files)

    Edit worksheets

    Freeze rows and columns
    Syntax highlighting
    Formula auditing helps to troubleshoot worksheets
    Input validation (data validation)
    Sheet, workbook and document protection with encryption
    Spell checking in 17 and hyphenation in 33 languages

    Analyzing data

    With pivot tables you can display data in a targeted way according to your individual specifications, summarize, sort into categories, compare and evaluate.
    Goal seeker
    Create database ranges within worksheets
    Data grouping (outliner)
    Sort by up to 64 columns
    Transpose cell ranges

    Creating attractive worksheets

    Cell and character styles
    Conditional formatting like in Excel 2016
    AutoFormat, borders, shading, fills
    Rotate and merge cells
    Center across columns
    Forms with input fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists etc.
    Headers and footers
    Colored tabs for worksheets

    Graphics and drawing

    Draw and design directly in the worksheet using AutoShapes, freehand drawings and pictures
    Insert images in a range of formats, both from files and from the Android gallery
    Mirror effects, soft shadows and transparencies
    Crop images directly in the worksheet
    Change brightness, contrast and gamma of images directly in PlanMaker HD
    Connector lines between objects
    Large symbols library for flowcharts and org charts
    TextArt feature for amazing type effects

    Present and visualize data

    80 Excel-compatible chart types in 2D and 3D
    Impressive special effects in charts: soft shadows, bevels, transparency, light sources etc.

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