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    Human bioenergetics is of a wave nature. Each organ and every cell of our body has its own specific types of vibrations. Due to such phenomena as interference and resonance, a specially tuned sound wave can amplify or suppress these vibrations, thereby enhancing or suppressing the functions of a particular organ.
    A certain sound can suppress hunger, accelerate the metabolism in the body and open up hidden resources in the human body. This is the essence of the sound diet that we are going to offer you.

    The main advantages of the sound diet:

    - you do not need to limit yourself in the diet and stick to a certain menu
    - there is no need to melt in the gym or perform special exercises
    - such a diet has no contraindications, since it is not a medical preparation with side effects
    - minimum costs: you will not need to buy a course again, as it usually happens with various dietary preparations or fitness courses designed for a certain period, you buy a sound-diet once and for all

    Answers to typical questions:

    What's in the record? There music, speech?
    - You will receive audio recordings that combine sound and noise sets tuned to certain frequencies of the human body

    How many a day need to listen to audio to start the effect?
    - As much as you have a desire for it, preferably about an hour a day.

    How many days in the amount you need to adhere to this diet?
    - It depends on how much you want to reset, there are no restrictions

    How much can you expect to lose with this diet and for how long?
    - The number of dropped kilograms is directly proportional to the time that you spend on drying the audio and also depends on the characteristics of your body. If you take a minimum and listen for an hour a day, then a week you can reset to 1 - 1.5 kg, but this is not the limit.

    What does it take to listen to audio files, some special equipment?
    - No, you can listen from a computer, phone or player and for this purpose you can use ordinary speakers or headphones

    Is it possible to combine this diet with others?
    - Yes, you can combine this diet with any other, as well as physical activity, the positive effect will only increase

    And if I throw a diet, the whole positive effect will evaporate and the kilograms will start to recruit again?
    - Sound therapy normalizes metabolism in the body in the long run, it does not guarantee that you will never gain excess weight, but at least new pounds will be recruited much more slowly and you will not get fat

    If I do not regularly listen to an audio recording, will there be no effect?
    - The effect will still be, no matter how often and for how long you will do it, it can simply be a little less than necessary

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