South America Countries

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    Our Learn South America Countries and Capital Cities app is an easy-to-use tool for learning the names of 17 different countries of South America along with their capital cities. The program features a Maps section, a Countries Section, and a Quiz section. The maps section has easy to read maps of the continent with the country names and the country abbreviations.

    The Countries section has a colorful detailed map for each of the 17 countries including the capital city name and its location within the territory. With the display of each map, the name of the country and capital city are narrated for the student to hear the proper pronunciation. To obtain more detailed information about any of the countries, the student only needs to touch a button and they will be directed to a related online encyclopedia page.

    The Quiz section has a multiple choice quiz for identifying the capital city of each country. If the student selects the wrong answer during the quiz, a message pops up to tell them what the correct answer should have been, thus helping the student to learn. The score is tallied as the student progresses through the quiz. After answering the last question, the student is taken to the results page to see their final score. The final score may be shared by email, text message or post from this page.

    This application is self-contained and does not require an internet connection except for the optional sharing of the quiz score, or for linking to for more detailed country information. It is an excellent tool to use by the individual student or for an entire class.