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    100 Spanish Words You Need To Know

    Obviously, you're not going to be able to say everything you want to say with only 100 Spanish words — although you could do surprisingly well with fewer than 1,000. But if you can learn these 100 words and understand how they're used, you'll be a long way toward being able to communicate freely in Spanish.

    Word list:
    gracias (thanks)
    ser (to be)
    a (to)
    ir (to go)
    estar (to be)
    bueno (good)
    de (of, from)
    su (your, her, his, their)
    hacer (to do, to make)
    amigo (friend)
    por favor (please)
    no (no)
    en (on, in)
    haber ("to have" as an auxiliary verb)
    tener (to have, to possess)
    un, uno, una (a, one)
    ahora (now)
    y (and)
    que, qué (that, what)
    por (for, by)
    amar (to love)
    quién (who)
    para (for, to)
    venir (to come)
    porque (because)
    el, la, los, las (the)
    antes (before)
    más (more)
    bien ("well" as an adverb)
    aquí, allí (here, there)
    querer (to want, to love)
    hola (hello)
    tú (you)
    poder (to be able)
    gustar (to be pleasing)
    poner (to put)
    casi (almost)
    saber (to know)
    como (like, as)
    donde (where)
    dar (to give)
    pero (but)
    se (itself, herself, himself, themselves)
    mucho (much)
    nuevo (new)
    cuando (when)
    chico, chica (boy, girl)
    entender (to understand)
    si (if)
    o (or)
    feliz (happy)
    todo (all, every)
    mismo (same)
    muy (very)
    nunca (never)
    yo, me (I, me)
    sí (yes)
    grande (big, great)
    deber (to owe, should)
    usted (you)
    bajo (low, under)
    otro (other)
    salir (to leave)
    hora (hour; see also lesson on telling time)
    desde (from)
    ver (to see)
    malo, mal (bad)
    pensar (to think)
    hasta (until)
    tanto, tan (used in making comparisons)
    entre (between, among)
    durante (during)
    llevar (to wear, to carry)
    siempre (always)
    empezar (to begin)
    él, ella, ellos, ellas (he, she, they)
    leer (to read)
    cosa (thing)
    sacar (to take out, to remove)
    conocer (to know)
    primero (first)
    andar (to walk)
    sobre (over, about)
    echar (to throw)
    sin (without)
    decir (to say)
    trabajar (to work)
    nosotros (we, us)
    también (also)
    adiós (goodbye)
    comer (to eat)
    triste (sad)
    país (country)
    escuchar (to listen, to listen to)
    hombre (man)
    mujer (woman)
    le (indirect-object pronoun)
    creer (to believe, to think)
    encontrar (to find)
    beber (to drink)

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