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    If you do not mind a few Advertisements, you can get this app free here:
    Have your phone speak for you.
    Helpful if you have lost your voice or need another Communication method.

    Maybe you want to speak another Language.

    Maybe you have a sore throat and can't speak.
    Did you have your tonsils taken out? Are not feeling well?
    Have your phone speak for you.

    App will now speak your text in English or Spanish Offline.
    When Online, Google Translate can translate and speak your text in almost any Language :)

    Simply enter the text in the text field and press speak for me. Your text will be converted to an audible voice.

    Say I love you. Say yes or no. All without ever moving your lips.
    You can use this app offline.

    Shake or press a button to have your phone speak for you.

    (Offline Features)
    -Multiline text input
    -Change the speech rate.
    -Change the speech pitch.
    -Change to English voice.
    -Change to Spanish voice.

    (Online Feature)
    -Quick push button for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pro Version, Share app.
    -Quick push button for TTS Engine (For Android 3.7 and lower).
    -App now has a quick launch button for Google Translate .With Google translate, you can translate text and listen to text in almost any language with your Android Web Browser. (Internet needed for this button).....
    Thank You :)