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    Not a spirograph, not an harmonograph nor a pintograph... this is Spiroman!

    Just imagine three arms attached to each other, more or less like a carpenter's wooden rule, but the arms may be of different lengths.
    The extremity of the first arm is attached to the center of the paper sheet, the three arms can rotate each at a given speed around their attachment point. When they are rotating, a point at the extremity of the 3rd arm draws nice curves!

    The game is quite intuitif, let the first drawing appear, then:
    pressing the screen launches another ramdomly generated drawing,
    Once drawing is over, just swipe screen right or left to access setting pages:

    the right one is dedicated to graphic settings
    -pen thickness
    -color: you can select the pen color and the background color. There is even a rainbow mode...
    -drawing speed: selecting the smallest speed will show a mesmerizing animation of the arms in rotation.

    left one allows to configure the arms parameters:
    -arms lengths
    -arms rotation speeds or rather frequencies (expressed as a fraction n/p)
    -arms phases (relative angular positions of arms at startup)

    If you swipe back to central screen, drawing is created taking into account new parameters...

    Should you like a drawing, just share it with your friends (menu "share"). A picture is exported together with all the settings needed to reproduce it.

    There is also an embedded "best of" gallery, it is accessible with 2 swipes to the right or a click on the "best of" menu. Just click on one drawing, and let Spiroman do the rest...

    If you realy like one of your drawings, drop me an email I may introduce it in a new release ...

    Enjoy !

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