Sport cars for minecraft- mods for mcpe




    Are you tired of walking on two legs? Tired of harnessing your horse? Do you want some adrenaline? So what about mcpe mods sport cars for minecraft that will add to the game unrealistically cool race cars.

    Cars mod for minecraft has very detailed cars for mcpe, they are made as in reality. Do not believe it? So install sport cars addon for minecraft and check it!

    Sport cars for minecraft are very smart and almost the fastest transport in the game. It means that you will be able to reach your destination in a very short time, it will save your time.
    Call your friends, download race track map for minecraft and other maps for mcpe and then enjoy the trip and have great fun.

    Important information for Users:
    To download mods for mcpe you need connect to the Internet. The app requires a blocklauncher to install mods and mcpe maps plus the original game Pocket Edition app, so this addon will work correctly.

    We are not an official game or a subsidiary of Pocket Edition. The name, the brand and assets of are the property of Mojang AB. All rights reserved.