Sputnik 3D




    Get the Sputnik-1, first ever man-made spacecraft launched in the space to orbit the Earth, onto your device.

    See the first spacecraft in the world orbiting its home planet, but watch out Earth's atmosphere gleaming down there.

    NOTE: Unfortunately, Android 4.4 users can face errors of interaction between the OS and the Unity engine, which causing application to crash when trying to set wallpaper on some devices. This is out of control by application and can only be fixed either by Unity or Android developers. Until that, the only trick possible is a special way to set wallpaper. Either to press 'set wallpaper' button after wallpaper is complete loading and is working in preview, or, directly opposite, to press 'set wallpaper' just as fast as button appears, not even allowing LWP to start loading in preview mode.

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