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    Xplorer Mobile provides you with all the necessary information and important notifications you need for your wireline and coiled tubing operations. It is a part of the IDEX Software Suite. IDEX Site acquires data from any wireline or coiled tubing unit. Then it stores and transfers the data to an IDEX Central. IDEX Central can serve any number of units. Data from any unit is securely made available for viewing and analysis in IDEX Xplorer (a web-based application) and IDEX Mobile.

    We refer to all of this as IDEX.

    IDEX provides real-time connectivity with multiple well sites from any location. It works with any IDEX-enabled wireline or coiled tubing unit, or any combination. IDEX contains easy-to-use views designed to follow many simultaneous well intervention operations. It supports a fleet-wide implementation of IDEX, allowing you to monitor multiple units. You can easily drill down to monitor individual units. Individual unit screens are set up with widgets such as gauges, bar graphs, trends and numerical outputs. If the well site operator changes a setting, it will instantly be transferred to IDEX. IDEX also monitors operations for anomalous events or potential issues. Notifications are then sent to authorized personnel for quick and efficient follow-up and preventive actions. IDEX can be set up to support your company’s workflows and configured to meet your real-time data monitoring and reporting requirements.

    Xplorer Mobile complements the IDEX software suite giving you access to all the important information from your wireline and coiled tubing jobs.

    Contact us at for a live demo or if you have questions about IDEX for your wireline or coiled tubing operations.

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