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    (Dutch) Voor Nederlands: Zoek Stoppen In Stappen in de Playstore of bezoek onze website

    How many times did you try to stop smoking? Three times? Seven times? But eventually never, because you couldn't succeed?
    You're an addict to the nicotine ánd the habit. The sigaret provides you with certitude and appearance.
    You are incessantly answering to your physical ánd psychological addiction. Therefore it is very, very hard to quit smoking. Nevertheless; you can! And without stress!

    When you commemorate the days that you started smoking, you know that you didn’t use acupuncture to get started. Nor herbs. Nor nicotine chewing gum. None of that. But you learned how to smoke STEPWISE. You smoked your first cigarette because you were curious, or you wanted to look rugged. You didn’t like it at all, but you were persistant; a week later you took the second sigarette. You practiced smoking until you had developed the addiction

    Good news: a new method was developed that allows you to quit smoking in the same way you once started it: STEPWISE! Terms in which smoking is prohibited are varied whith terms in which you are allowed to smoke again. Every time, the non-smoking terms increase. But you are relaxed during these terms, because you know that in a while you can smoke again. You are learing to quit smoking STEPWISE. You are training the quitting, until you are sufficiently trained to quit permanently. The app provides you with the scheme.

    This new method is called: Stop in Stages or in short: SIS!

    After downloading the app you will go through an introduction in wich you enter the starting date and time.
    So you don't have to start the course directly after installing the app, but you can determine the moment yourself!

    If a situation occurs, for instance illness, that makes it impossible to carry on with the schedual, than your app doesn't become worthless. Because in those situations you can go through the intro again and enter an new starting moment.

    The app has 4 stages:
    - 1. Try-out. It's obtained by downloading the app. This first stage allows you to test this app for 7 days, for free. You'll get a good impression how the course works and how the app supports you. Three days before completion of the Try-out fase you will receive a reminder concerning the purchase of the next fase.

    No automatic payments will be carried out.

    - 2. Starter (€ 2,95) is available directly after downloading the app, but you can also wait until the Try-out fase is almost completed.

    Depending your choices during the intro, the Try-out and Starter fase will support you for 81 days at most. Until you didn't smoke a full week on end.

    - 3. Stayer (€ 2,95) is obtainable directly after downloading the app, but you can also wait until the Starter-fase is almost completed. This fase will support you for 145 days until the moment that you didn't smoke for six!!! weeks on end. Propably, in your opinion, you have succesfully quit smoking then. But for a small monetary amount you can purchase support for another (long) term. So why not!?

    - 4. Finisher (€ 1,95) is obtainable directly after downloading the app, but you can also wait until the Stayer-fase is almost completed. This fase will support you for an incredibly term of 244!!! days. Until you didn't smoke for ten!!! weeks on end.

    We think you succesfully quit smoking then!

    In case you need more information, please visit our website: You can also leave your questions there, using the contactform.

    We would be delighted to welcome you as our course member!

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