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    Stress Free trains you in four tried and tested relaxation techniques. The app uses quality animations, which are fully voiced-acted. After you have learned these techniques you will be able to practice them as often as you want. Dr Freeman will take you through the techniques in a step by step simple way to learn them. You can then do them on your own or use the app to have him guide you through a relaxation session using the technique of your liking. The four techniques he will teach you are:

    Calm Breathing
    This is the simplest technique. It is based on the fact that increasing chest pressure by taking very slow and deep breaths and then reducing by slowly breathing out triggers a reflex. This refles slows down your pulse and gives you a relaxed feeling in your body. As body and mind are connected this then results in relaxation in your mind

    Differential Deep Muscle Relaxation
    In this technique we also take advantage of the mind-body connection. Dr Freeman will teach you to contract and relax various muscles progressively allowing you to enjoy the difference between the tense sensations in the muscle and the relaxed sensations that come after you have let the tension go.

    Self Hypnosis
    Not for everyone but those of you who are able to reach a state of hypnosis can benefit greatly from this technique. Dr Freeman will try to teach you to put yourself into a hypnotic trance. If you are able to achieve it, he will help you teach yourself a word of phrase that will immediately bring you back to that state of relaxation whatever your circumstances

    Simple to learn but hard to master this is quite a powerful technique for relaxation. It requires dedication and practice but if you persevere it can bring about the most benefits. You will need a quiet space and to achieve a sensation of comfort. You will be able to develop a passive attitude that allows you to just watch your feelings, sensations and thoughts as they pass through your mind. You will also use word or phrase to help you refocus.

    The doctor will try to get you to practice these daily so you get better and better at being Stress Free.

    You will be able to schedule sessions, track your anxiety daily with our anxiety meter and understand changes over time. It allows you to share your progress over facebook and twitter and get your friends and family to support you in conquering your stress.

    Anything broken? Please email us on with any issues.

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