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    Joe Carpenter’s Plumbing and Heating services is a small independent business. Their story may sound all too familiar to you...

    Providing an essential service to members of the community is not always a task that goes smoothly. In the past few years of servicing his community, Mr. Carpenter has found that a lot of customers are either late to pay or avoid payments altogether. If you’ve been in this situation before, you know of all the impacts late payments can have. It affects daily cash flow, wastes precious time, your salary suffers and ultimately it is very stressful. We found that a lot of complaints from small businesses not receiving payments was attributed to the fact that their customers were not dealing with cash; the prime method to quick, easy payment for household services.

    This is where we come in. EasyPay for Stripe app makes it easy for tradespeople and other small business owners to collect credit/debit card payment right on the spot with their smartphone!

    In an increasingly cash-less world, EasyPay for Stripe app is a great resource for those who are keeping up with the mobile payment advancements in today’s society. Credit card processing on mobile has never been easier.

    Don’t let your business get left behind - say goodbye to late payments by downloading the free Easy Pay for Stripe app today and get started to "accept credit card payments instantly"

    EasyPay: Payment for Stripe:

    Unlike other payment processing apps, Easy Pay for Stripe does not charge you any transaction fees. Stripe has their own fee and you can find more info for that
    Multi-currency support with ability to accept all major debit and credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express
    No monthly cost
    Take payments in 135+ currencies!
    No cumbersome payment processing terminals
    Stay organized while keeping track of payments in a sleek, user-friendly interface
    Save time by not having to deal with finicky magnetic stripes or chip readers
    Multiple ways of online payment processing
       Quickly capture credit card details by taking a picture through your smartphone’s camera
       PayWave/PayPass with tap and pay feature is also available on NFC-enabled/capable smartphones
       You also have the option of entering credit card details manually
    Take comfort in knowing your finances are safe with us
       We never store credit card information on our servers
       For security and PCI-Compliances please refer to’s website
    Issue refunds from your device.
    Check all your transactions.

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    EasyPay for Stripe is an unofficial app made by users and fans of Stripe.

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