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    Sumut Shop is a brand of a product under the management of PT. PASTINDO, a company that runs in technology base information. Aims to provide aan easy accesy to marketing for small and medium enterprises in north sumatera which are look of government’s intention in progress.

    Developing this sevice aims to be easily used by Indonesian society who rely in line shooping services. Thus, they need not come directky to the sport to buy the product demanded.
    Using application of online you can start trading through the subdomain (name of or through you own domain (name of your in addition, you can even change your facebook page display inti the display of mobile web wgich is more complete ang integrated with a sophisticated payment and delivery system. We offer you an ease as to click on the accese to our features. Visit now at

    VISION :
    To be a market leader referred shopping site in North Sumatera.

    1. To give the best quality in both the service and the portfolio of the product.
    2. To give more portfolio of the product demanteded
    3. To have coorporation with other traders, publishers and advertisers in mutual benefit relation

    VALUE :
    1. To serve god and fellow man in everything we do
    2. To give an innovative service through the best quality
    3. To support and develop the potential and the quality of all stakeholders

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