Superior Kitchen Timer




    Easy to use and nice looking kitchen timer reminding you of cooking time's end with sound or vibration. This convenient timer has various time scales making it usable whether you want to bake a cake, need an egg timer, or are preparing a stew. Smart snapping makes it easy to set up.

    The followings are the features and functions of this app: To begin with, in the event that you just mean to set Timer 1, those that are below the three timers are the functions for setting the time limit , which represent hours , minutes and seconds from left to right. As you are satisfied with the time you have already set, you can just click the first ¡°Start¡± to make use of Timer 1.In addition, press the menu key and you are able to set something else, for instance, ¡°Display Settings¡± , ¡°Notification Settings¡±.

    Attention! If you have already activated this app, you can not uninstall it very easily. At present, what you ought to do are as follows: Firstly find ¡°settings¡±, then select ¡°location&security¡±, once more, press ¡°select device administators¡±, in the end you will see the app, cancle the option. According to the steps above, you will successfully uninstall this app.

    Let us see something interest about timer from wikipedia: A timer is a kind of clock for measuring time intervals. A timer that counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time is often called a stopwatch. On the contrary, a device that counts down from a dedicated time interval is usually called a timer. Some timers sound an audible indication that the time interval has expired. Time switches, timing mechanisms that activate a switch, are sometimes called "timers".