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    Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery, and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. With SuperSafe, only you can see your hidden pictures. Privacy made easy!

    ? SuperSafe empowers you to control photo access. It’s that simple ?

    Show only what you want seen. Hiding pictures and videos with SuperSafe on Android gives you control of who sees what. Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers. Take control of your privacy!

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    SuperSafe is better than others bacause:
    * Works completely in Stealth
    * Disappears from the Apps menu, you only can activate it by dailing the secret Sniffer from the phone's dial pad.
    * SuperSafe's photo locker hides pictures in a secret gallery without limits and has pro features for free.
    * SuperSafe has the best privacy features on Android:
    * Hide Photos
    * Easy-to-use PIN pad access
    * Folders
    * Un-hide pictures from SuperSafe as you like
    * Share pictures from SuperSafe
    * Safe Send - show pictures to friends for a limited time
    * Rotate and zoom features
    * Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing
    * Full-screen viewing
    * SuperSafe is a secret app, a simple secret box for your content.

    What users say:
    "This is brilliant! Super easy to hide photos. Much better than vault free! Just the best photo locker out there."

    *** Special features ***

    Make your SuperSafe more secure. Activate the Sniffer and the app vanishes from the Apps menu. You only can open the App by dialing the sniffer key from the phone's dial pad.

    Great! How do I SuperSafe?
    1. Select pictures
    2. Press hide
    3. DONE!

    Q: How do I unhide pictures and videos?
    A: 1. Open SuperSafe and select images and videos
    2. In the side menu, press 'Unhide'

    Q: How does SuperSafe work?
    A: SuperSafe provides you with a locked gallery that lives on your phone.

    Q: Where are my pictures after I un-hide them?
    A: Your pictures will be in the same location as before they were hidden.

    Q: How can I retrieve my PIN?
    A: Open SuperSafe, then long-press on the SuperSafe logo to request your PIN… easy!

    Q: Are my hidden pictures stored online?
    A: No! SuperSafe only stores pictures in a secret box on your Android phone.

    Q: How many pictures can I hide in SuperSafe?
    A: As many as you want. A secret box without limits.

    Q: Is this similar to applying a gallery lock?
    A: No, it isn't. SuperSafe is a special gallery that locks your pictures but you place them in there.

    Q: Can I take pictures out of this secret vault?
    A: Yes, you can unhide pictures with only a couple of clicks.

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