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    Surgery or surgery are all treatment measures that use invasive way to unlock or show body parts to be handled (R. Sjamsuhidajat & Wim de Jong, 2005). The opening part of the body generally uses incisions. Once the parts are dealt displayed, performed remedial action at the end with the closure and suturing luk. Digestive or gastrointestinal tract that is receiving food from outside and prepare to be absorbed by the body by way of the process of digestion by enzymes and liquids which spread from the mouth to the anus.
    b. Stages Surgery
    1) pre-surgical phase (pre-surgical)
    2) Phase surgery (intra-operation)
    3) postoperative phase (post-surgery)
    c. Body condition at surgery
    Body Surgery deliberately causing stress injury that causes metabolic changes due to complex endocrine reactions. As a result of the wound healing process occurs is a complex process and many are related. The need calories, protein, fat and electrolytes is very necessary for physical fitness and post-surgical wound healing.
    Fasting is routine in surgical planning. Fasting is more than 24 hours will be spent catabolic processes liver and muscle glycogen reserves. Human body without requiring nutrition 25 kcal / kg / day (kilocalories). Backup calorie depleted trigger occurs gluconeogenesis derived from muscle proteolysis also of visceral proteins that result in decreased cell integrity, immunity and enzyme systems. Fasting resting length of the digestive tract needed adequate nutritional intake.

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