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    Whether you're visiting Japan or dining at a sushi bar anywhere in the world, now you'll be able to read and understand the menu, without worrying about mistranslations - or missing translations.

    Sushi Dictionary content includes:

    - a browsable and searchable dictionary of the most popular sushi menu items
    - comprehensive coverage of all Japanese fish and seafood (not just sushi), with information on common preparation methods for each fish - sashimi, tempura, grilled, etc.
    - a guide to regional and other styles of sushi, sush as Osaka-style "pressed sushi"
    - definitions and details for 150 sushi and fish terms

    The app offers convenient Android-friendly features:

    - text-to-speech lets you hear sushi terms in native Japanese (Android 4.0.3+)
    - the app's image searcher lets you see what each type of fish looks like
    - the sharing button lets you save definitions on your favorite memo app
    - search-by-voice provides a convenient hands-free way to search
    - fully optimized for tablets

    Sushi Dictionary Deluxe (available through in-app upgrade) covers even more Japanese cuisine:

    - yakitori (grilled chicken) menu items
    - specialized sake terminology
    - descriptions of over 100 popular Japanese dishes
    - more than 800 Japanese food entries in all

    The Sushi Dictionary app is produced by, the authoritative guide to Japanese cuisine on the web.

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